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In development.

Supported by Farnham Matings New Popular Fund 2022

A sensory show for babies under 2 and their families.

Luna is a 10 year old girl with a fascination for space. She lives alone with her Mum and is always found star gazing. She dreams of finding a friend from another planet, and is constantly trying to invent devices to help her contact other worlds. 

Luna the Space Explorer aims to entertain and spark the imaginations of all children everywhere and encourages them to consider the lives of those on their own planet, whilst dreaming wildly and greatly about the prospect of life on others.

Environment Activists Protest


A research and exploration project (July - October 2021)

Rebecca was selected by Arts Council England to research folk music, protest songs and the intersection between art and activism. 

To find out more about this project and to view the research, visit the Research page. 


Queens Theatre Hornchurch & Creative Estuary (May - July 2021)

Written by Rebecca Brewer, Vickie Donoghue and MG Boulter
Directed by Rebecca Brewer & Douglas Rintoul

'The sun rises over the river, and everything’s coming to life. Dawn chorus plays, jobs are started, engines turned on, containers crashed onto ships and journeys made. But today is different…


A story about five people living along the banks of the River Thames whose future is about to be changed forever.


This show is made for and by the people who live and work alongside it. It’s performed in a venue right on your doorstep, including live music and a pop quiz. It’s been specially made this summer by the Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Creative Estuary.'

Coven square.jpg


Currently in development.

COVEN is a show about witches with music and lyrics by Rebecca Brewer and Daisy Chute. 

Previously shown at Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Camden People's Theatre, New Normal Festival and SIGNAL.

Click here to see a video of our latest 2021 R&D for COVEN, filmed by Jaha Browne. 

Supported by Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Paper Dress Vintage and Bose

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England



An immersive, creative guided walk

Commissioned by Kinetika People (July 2021)

T100 is a creative community project that aims to celebrate local stories and places and share them with the World.

'A guided walk circling Ockendon and Little Belhus Country Park, with creative dreaming workshops along the way with artist Rebecca Brewer.

This nature-filled walk via Little Belhus Country Park revisits the insect habitat mandala created during T100 2020 to see it in full bloom. Taking inspiration from growing wild flowers on brownfield sites we will imagine the future of this landscape that has been transformed from landfill and how it encourages us to think differently about the future of Thurrock.'

The work for this walk was made in collaboration with the Young Carers and groups from Ockendon Children's Centre.


A film, commissioned by Thurrock CVS (August 2020)

'At Least We've Got This Place' is a short film made by Rebecca Brewer and Oliver Hembrough. It follows the lives of 5 allotment plot holders throughout the initial summer 2020 COVID19 lockdown and explores how we deal with things when big stuff happens, the role of nature and the outdoors in society and how we plan when the future is uncertain.  

Foot Muscles Model


written by Rebecca Brewer

Finalist for New Perspectives' Open Pitch Award 2018 (R&D at New Perspectives in 2018)

'FOOT is a play about 3 teenagers in a sleepy Derbyshire town who find a disembodied human foot in the local woods. When they go back to try to find it again to show police, it's gone. Rumours about the foot start to circulate around the school, lots of students say they've seen it, but their stories are all slightly different and the 3 friends have to work together to figure out the truth.'

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