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Arts Council England - Developing Your Creative Practice - June to October 2021

In Summer 2021, I was awarded funding from the Arts Council for their Developing Your Creative Practice programme. My project was called 'Folk music, Protest song and the Intersection Between Art and Activism' - catchy, right?

I wanted to research this because it kind of encompasses a lot of my interests, but also because I'm really curious about what we define as 'art' and what we define as 'activism'. Where do these edges blur? And what can each learn from the other?

I'm an actor, writer, maker, teacher and facilitator. I am many things, but what I'm not, is an academic, so please consider that if you've found yourself here. My presentation of my research won't use Harvard referencing (whatever that shade to Harvard or referencing). What you'll find here is inevitably my take on what I've researched, and that clearly is not the only take.

My research has happened through mentorship, site visits, lots of reading, watching and learning. I wanted to create a place to log this research, partly for myself but also to make it open to anyone else who may be interested.

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